Setting up your Plunge (Hot/Cold)

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The following explains how to set up the plunge standard and XL models with a heating component.


STEP 1: Location Requirements

• Place the Plunge on a flat surface that
can support 1,200 lbs
• Keep it 5 feet from any appliances.
• Place the chiller behind the tub with 12’’
between the chiller and the wall for
proper air flow.
• Let the chiller rest for 4 hours before
turning on to allow coolant to settle.
Note: Failing to do so may result in
chiller malfunction.

Step 1.png

STEP 2: Attach the "in" Connection

Screw on the "In" connection from the water pump to the "In" connector on the chiller.


Step 2.png

STEP 3: Fill the Plunge

• Attach the included carbon hose filter
to a hose.
• Run water through it into a drain until
the water turns clear.
• Fill the Plunge with water.

Recommended water level:

Indoor = 4.5" from the top

Outdoor = 3" from the top


Step 3.png

STEP 4: Attach "Out" Connection

Screw on the "Out" connection from the water filter on the "Out" connector on the chiller.

DO NOT connect the "Out" connection until the Plunge is half full.


Step 4.png

STEP 5: Plug in the Plunge

• Plug the main power cord from the electrical
box into a GFCI outlet (110-120v). Standard =
15 Amp breaker, Pro/XL = 20 Amp breaker.
• Check for water flowing out of jets.

DO NOT move onto the next step if no water is
flowing from jets. 


Step 5.png

STEP 6: Plug in the Chiller


Plug the chiller into the outlet labeled 'COOLING' in the electrical box.


Step 6.png

STEP 7: Set Temperature

You’ll control the temp with the Inkbird WiFi
thermostat on the back of the tub.
• (PV = Present Temp, SV = Set Temp).
• Press “Set” (do not hold), then use up and
down arrows to set your desired temperature.
• The Inkbird will power off the chiller or heater
when the SV is reached. It will turn back on
when the PV is 4 degrees from the SV.
Note: WiFi only works with 2.5GHz modem.


Step 7 (1).png

STEP 8: Operate Light

Turn the light on/off via the silver button on
the left side of the tub.


Step 8.png

STEP 9: Attach Phone Mount


Install the phone/tablet mount by attaching the two suction cups to the Plunge and rotating each one clockwise until fully secure.


Step 9.png



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