Sauna Electrical Specifications

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Are you thinking of investing in a sauna for your home? To ensure a seamless sauna experience, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Have a licensed electrician install the outlet on a dedicated circuit.
    Standard: 220-240 volt/ 30 amp NEMA L14-30 outlet
    XL: NEMA 14-50 220-240 volt/ 50 amp outlet

  2. Supply a power cord long enough to go from your outlet to your sauna.
    Standard: NEMA L14-30 power cord
    XL: NEMA 14-50P Male and SS2-50R Twist 50 amp power cord

Proper preparation will ensure your sauna is ready for use as soon as it arrives, for a stress-free setup.


The Standard Sauna will have a 6KW heater.

The XL Sauna will have a 9KW heater. 


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