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Cold-only models

To control the temperature of standard cold plunge models, hold down the set button on the chiller until it beeps, lower it to the temperature you desire, and then hit the set button again to take us back to the current temperature of the water. Make sure the green switch is on, on the side of the chiller.  SetTemp.jpg


Hot/Cold models

To control the temperature of your Hot & Cold plunge you will use the Inkbird thermostat on the back of the Plunge, while leaving your chiller temperature at 39 degrees.

Your Inkbird thermostat can be controlled manually with the up/down buttons or with the Inkbird app. 

Download Inkbird iOS 
Download Inkbird Android

Controlling your cold plunge on the Plunge mobile app is coming soon!





Make sure that the chiller is pugged into the "cooling" outlet inside the electrical box. If the chiller is plugged into the power strip and not "cooling" the heater and chiller will fight each other and the water will not cool, or heat, the way it is intended.


Your chiller will not power on until you adjust the temperature on your Inkbird. Your "SV" (bottom number) must be at least 4 degrees lower than your "PV" (top number) for the chiller to power on.

When your chiller reaches the desired temperature your chiller will be "powered down." This is the normal function of the Inkbird, so that your chiller does not run 24/7 and waste energy. It will not power the chiller back on until the "PV" reached 4 degrees higher than your "SV"

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