Defrosting A Frozen Chiller

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If you are experiencing decreased, or no flow, this could be caused by water in the chiller freezing.

If the chiller is still running, or it is below freezing outside while there is poor/no flow, the water in the reservoir can freeze.

If you believe you have a frozen chiller please do the following...

  1. Completely drain your Plunge. CLICK HERE for directions.
  2. Bring your water filter canister and chiller inside.
  3. After 4 hours check to see if your chiller has defrosted.
    • Turn the chiller upside down to empty the water that is in there.
    • Pour water into the "In" hole. Cover the "in" hole with your hand and turn the chiller upside down. If water comes out of the "out" hole your the chiller has defrosted.
    • OR you can have a little fun by pouring water into the "in" hole and blowing into the "in" connection. If water comes shooting out of the "out" hole, then your chiller has defrosted. BEWARE - water can come out like a like a geyser using this method.
      • It can sometimes take 24-48 hours to fully defrost a chiller.
  4. Fill up your Plunge to see if this solved your flow issue.


If this did not solve your issue, please CLICK HERE to get in touch with one of our Plunge Specialists

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