How To Uncrate Your Sauna

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This article provides some basic steps and a short video for the best way to un-crate your sauna. 

Uncrating Your Sauna PDF 

Sauna Uncrating Directions

Step 1: 

Begin by removing the bit tip, placing it in a drill and using it to open the crate and remove the screws.


Step 2:

Then use the bit to remove the panel labeled “Please remove this panel first.” You will see red circle stamps around each screw you need to remove. Remove only the screws securing the front panel in place at this time



Step 3:

Remove internal box from the crate, this will include your sauna stones, manual and remote control.

Step 4:

Cut the straps holding the roof and the floor and remove both items. 

Step 5:

Go around to the left side and unscrew all the beams and posts. The places to unscrew are marked with a red circle stamp. 

Step 6 (Only Applicable for Standard Size):

Once the left half of the crate is emptied out, you will be able to walk in and remove the piece of wood blocking the right side of the crate. 

Step 7:

Once the right side is opened up, remove each of the panels by unscrewing them one by one. You can see where to unscrew each one by following the red circled areas. 




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