Sauna Stone Preparation

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  1. Rinse the stones with clean water to remove any dust.
  2. Next, sort the stones by size. The larger stones will be used for the bottom and smaller stones for the top.
  3. Start by carefully laying the larger stones on the bottom to prevent any from falling out.
  4. Next, start placing all the other stones in one by one. You can place the stones between the heating elements/coils, but be careful not to pack them in too tightly, as this may cause the heating elements/coils to bend or touch.
  5. Finish stacking the stones until the heating elements/coils are no longer visible.

IMPORTANT: This is important for adding water to create steam in the sauna. Water should NOT touch the heating elements/coils, only the stones.* 

Sauna Stone Preparation PDF


Please Note: The standard sauna uses 4 boxes of sauna stones and the XL sauna uses 3 boxes of stones

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