Deep Clean (Plunge All-In)

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Deep Clean 

  1. Make sure the Plunge is at least half-full
  2. Using an immersion heater or the hot/cold Plunge, heat the water to at least 80 degrees or more. 
  3. Unplug the Plunge
  4. Once the water is heated, unplug and remove the immersion heater
  5. Unscrew the inlet strainers. One is on the bottom of the tub and one is on the end opposite of the pump. 
  6. Rinse out the inlet strainers in a sink. You can use a pin to get any debris out of the holes. 
  7. Drain the rest of the water out of the Plunge. 
  8. Using a household degreaser and magic eraser, spray the tub down and wipe away any film or build-up in the tub. 
  9. Using a hose, spray down the tub to remove the degreaser. 
  10. Refill the tub and follow the initial setup instructions.  

Frequency Required:

Plunge All-In (Residential) - Every 6 Months At Minimum

Plunge All-In Commercial - Every 6 Months At Minimum

Plunge All-In Commercial Max - Every 6 Months At Minimum

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