Keep Your Sauna Clean

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Keep Your Sauna Clean

Between uses there may still be a lot of humidity in the sauna that can cause some unwanted bacteria to grow. To avoid this, here are some useful tips for keeping your sauna clean. 

  1. Sit on a towel when using the sauna. 
  2. Keep a hand brush in the sauna. The last person out dips the brush in the water bucket (plain water), and does a quick scrubbing of the benches, walls, backrests, etc. This 30 to 60-second ritual will keep your sauna looking great for years.
  3. Wipe the dust and dirt from the sauna heater with a moist cloth.
  4. After using the sauna, open the windows and doors, and let the rooms dry out.

With these simple maintenance tips your sauna will stay inviting, fresh smelling, and enjoyable to be in!

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