Information About Using HSA/FSA (Evolve)

We joined forces with TrueMed, giving you the ability to use your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for your Plunge or Sauna purchase.

Here's How It Works:

  1. Select your desired Plunge or Sauna product.
  2. Click "Get Pre-Qualified" on the product page below the add-to-cart button to kickstart the TrueMed evaluation.
  3. Once approved, complete the purchase of your cold plunge or sauna.
  4. On the Order Confirmation page, submit the TrueMed application to receive a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN).
  5. Use your LMN for easy reimbursement from your HSA/FSA program for your cold plunge and sauna purchase.

TrueMed's Commitment: 

TrueMed's mission aligns perfectly with ours—to enhance your health and wellness journey. They ensure eligibility through a quick health survey and guide you smoothly through the payment process.

Convenient Payment & Reimbursement: 

Your purchases are made with your personal credit card, followed by hassle-free reimbursement instructions from us.

Need Assistance?

If you're wondering how to leverage your HSA/FSA or need further details, don't hesitate to reach out.

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