App Release Notes

  • Updated


  • A newly designed Home tab
  • Improved session graphs
  • A new way to explore 'Discover' articles
  • Rebuilt from the ground up My Products tab to support all future product rollouts
  • Brand new product imagery throughout the entire app
  • Redesigned Sauna Scheduling
  • Improved support and filtering for users with multiple Plunge products
  • Fully redesigned Profile and Settings experience
  • Improvements when modifying profile photos
  • New ability to change your app's icon
  • Resolved login issues
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Introducing AUTO SELFIE. Automatically capture a photo of yourself when reaching your goal time of your Cold Plunge or Sauna session. Perfectly formatted photos to share your duration and temperature of your session. All photos you take save directly to your camera roll on your device for maximum privacy.

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Version 1.5 introduces a from the ground up rebuild of the session timer. Now with the ability to view your logged water or sauna temperature during your active session, as well as a beautiful new animation while your session is active. Set a goal time and let the session timer do the rest.

PlungeApp_2.0 (1).jpg



Fully introducing Plunge All-In into the Plunge mobile app!

With the Plunge All-In you can now:

  • Setup your device
  • Onboard your device using Bluetooth
  • Manage firmware updates
  • Control you device remotely
  • View water temperature from anywhere
myproducts0.jpg myproducts2.jpg File (60).jpg



Massive enhancements to how you manage your products in the app! The Cold Plunge and Sauna product experience has been significantly improved including:

  • Fully overhauled stability improvements across onboarding all products
  • Reimagined assembly instructions for all products
  • Streamlined sauna status and controls
  • Tons of new imagery


  • Full rebuild of the sauna schedules experience
  • Smashed a few bugs to keep the app running smooth



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