Setting Up the Plunge Evolve XL Tub

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Read First Before Setting Up Your Plunge

Please read the Safety Precautions and Warranty before setting up the Plunge Evolve XL.

Set Up

Step 1: Placing the Plunge Evolve XL

  • Place the Plunge Evolve XL on a waterproof, flat, and stable surface.
  • Please note: If you have the Evolve Pro Chiller, refer to the Chiller manual for location requirements.
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warning sign" Emoji - Download for free ... If you purchased the Evolve Pro Chiller, continue with the instructions provided with the chiller or go here. warning sign" Emoji - Download for free ...

Step 2: Secure Manifold Plugs

There is a manifold plug on the jet port and the drain port. Make sure to tighten the collars until they are hand-tight to prevent leaking.

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Step 3: Fill the Plunge Evolve XL

  • Make sure the white drain valve is in the closed position (perpendicular to the tub).
  • Fill the Plunge with water until it reaches 4 inches from the top.
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Step 4: Add Ice and Dive in!


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