Changing Out the Water (Evolve Series)

Tubs Compatible With These Instructions: 

  • Plunge Evolve XL
  • Plunge Evolve XL Pro Commercial
  • Plunge Air
  • Plunge Pop-Up

Change Out Water: 

  1. Remove the cap from the drain spigot.
  2. Attach a garden hose to the spigot. 
  3. Turn the white ball valve parallel to the tub to open the drain allowing the water to flow out.
  4. Replace the cap after draining and turn the ball valve perpendicular to the tub to close the drain.
  5. Refill the Plunge and follow the initial setup instructions.

Frequency Requirements:

Please note: If you do not follow the frequency requirements for your tub set up your warranty could be voided. 

  • Evolve Series Tubs with no PlungePure™ Chiller - Weekly At Minimum
  • Evolve Series Tubs with a PlungePure™ Chiller - Every 3 Months At Minimum
  • Evolve XL Pro Commercial - Every 2 Weeks At Minimum

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