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If your Plunge All-In or Evolve Pro chiller is showing the error code “CF”, your unit is in a protective state to prevent any permanent damage to your Cold Plunge. It is the result of your unit’s water flow being restricted.

How we prevent your unit from being damaged:

  1. Your unit will continue to run and your pump will continue to circulate water, but your chiller will not chill the water below 50° F.
  2. You will not be able to change the set point below 50° F.

How to resolve this issue:

  1. Pause your unit
  2. Change your filter - How to: Change your filter
  3. Unpause your unit
  4. Wait 5 minutes for the system to reset and circulate water.
  5. The CF error code will resolve itself if your flow is back within a normal range
  6. If this does not resolve, please email customer support at Support@Plunge.com

I need filters:

  1. Please follow this link and purchase PlungePure Filters.

Please note: 90% of all Cold Plunge issues are due to not changing your filter routinely. Ensure you have extra filters on hand to prevent problems and avoid voiding your warranty.

  1. After you purchase filters, we have a potential, temporary solution while you wait for delivery:
    1. Pause your unit
    2. Remove your filter from your unit and rinse your filter using a hose for 2 minutes. This is a potential temporary fix to the CF issue, but may only buy you 2-3 days before the CF error returns so purchasing filters is paramount.
    3. Unpause your unit.
    4. Wait 5 minutes for the system to reset and circulate water. This may temporarily resolve the CF error but is not guaranteed to work.
    5. Rinsing your filter is only a potential temporary fix and your existing filter may not be salvageable, so before emailing support, wait until your new filters arrive and go through these steps above. 

WARNING - Do not remove your filter and run your unit!

Even briefly running your unit without a filter can permanently damage the water pump and chiller, voiding your warranty. If you do this, your flow rate will exceed the maximum range, resulting in a ~$3,000 replacement cost not covered by your warranty. It's not worth the risk!

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