“OR” Error Code

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If your Plunge All-In or Evolve Pro chiller is showing the error code “OR”, your unit is in a protective state to prevent any permanent damage to your Cold Plunge. 


Your unit is sensing that the water temperature is out of its expected range signifying that there is a mechanical or electrical issue that must be addressed before the unit returns to normal operation", or if we want to keep it very vague.  Modern water heaters have similar errors where it senses an overtemp and shuts down even though the overtemp is usually from something erroneous.


Along with the display on your unit showing “OR” your entire system will not run. The water will not flow and the water will not cool. Again, this is to protect your unit from long-term damage.


How do you fix this?

  • Contact customer service via email: Support@Plunge.com
  • Inform our support team that your unit has the error code “OR”
  • This will require a physical repair of your unit, but don’t worry, we got you! We’ll get parts ordered immediately.


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