Cold Plunge Has No Water Flow At All

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Follow the steps below in order to resolve your flow issue.
  1. Check to see if your pump is getting power.
    • Check the power connections.
    • If that does not work, then unplug the pump from the power strip and plug it into a separate outlet. It can be the same outlet the Plunge is plugged into.
  2. Commercial customers only -> Clean out the commercial hair catch. (do step 3 at the same time while your Plunge is drained)
  3. Clean your pump. There could be an issue with the impeller.
  4. If your Plunge has had little or no flow the chiller reservoir could be frozen. Following this article to learn how to Defrost a Frozen Chiller.
  5. The last thing we're gonna try is to do a deep clean of the system. Sediment build up in the hoses could lead to a block in the system. We suggest a deep clean every 3-4 months.
If you are still experiencing flow issues CLICK HERE to get in contact with our customer support team.

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