Caring For Your Plunge All-In Commercial Max

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We're thrilled that you and your guests are enjoying the Plunge All-In! To keep it running smoothly and the water sparkling clear, here is the guide on how to take care of your Plunge All-In. Remember, skipping the maintenance steps will damage your Plunge and even void its warranty, so let's keep it in tip-top shape together!

Please note: these recommendations are the minimum requirement. If you are seeing a high volume of use (more than 20 plunges per day) of the Plunge All-In Commercial Max, you may need to service the unit more frequently than what is recommended here. 

Daily at Minimum: 

  • Clear the water of debris using the skimmer net. 
  • Clear any debris from the drain screens.
  • Wipe any film at the water line using a sponge.
  • Refill the tub to 0.5” to 1” above the minimum line on the skimmer.
  • Test the water and compare to the reading on the auto doser and follow the guidelines in the water management article.

Every 2 Days at Minimum: 

  • Clean Out Skimmer
    • To learn how to clean the skimmer, please go here.
    • Cleaning the skimmer regularly will help maintain the flow of the unit. 

Every Week at Minimum: 

  • Change Your Filter 
    • To learn how to change your filter, please go here.
    • Failure to change your filter regularly may result in reduced water flow, potentially causing damage to your Plunge All-In's system.

Every 2 Weeks at Minimum: 

  • Change out the water
    • To learn how to change out the water, please go here. *For the Commercial Max please make sure the ball valves are closed before draining to keep the probe wet.*
    • Changing out the water will help maintain the cleanliness of your water and elongate the life of your filter and chemicals.

Every 3 Months at Minimum: 

  • Clean the ventilation screens 
    • To learn how to clean the ventilation screens go here.
    • Cleaning the ventilation screens will help keep the system free of dust and debris.

Every 6 Months at Minimum: 

  • Deep Clean 
    • To learn how to deep clean your Plunge All-In, please go here.
    • Doing a deep clean every 6 months will prolong the life of the unit. 


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